Our new trainer - Andy Fisher

Andy Fisher

Andy Fisher joined Optima in November 2023 as the Low Vision and Rehab Services Manager. He is a qualified Vision Rehabilitation Specialist with over 30 years of experience and is also a qualified Certified Low Vision Therapist.

Andy initially worked in Sensory teams in social services, working alongside low vision services. In July 1998, he joined the RNIB as a Low Vision Officer and was responsible for developing services (including the RNIB Judd Street LVA service) and professional practice throughout the UK. After leaving RNIB in October 2005, Andy set up his own vision agency, Focal Point UK, providing consultancy, training, and professional contract and support services to the vision rehab and low vision sector. During the 16-year period of working in Focal Point UK, Andy worked with a wide range of low vision and vision rehab providers and services as a specialist assessor/trainer and consultant within the UK and internationally. He worked in the NHS Low vision services (in Somerset, Devon, and Wiltshire) on contract for Optima, Blind Veterans UK, Thomas Pocklington Trust, RNIB, and statutory social care agencies (working with both adults and children). Andy was also a low vision consultant for the Norville Optical Group, advising optical and technical professionals on low vision issues and practice

Andy is a qualified trainer with over 20 years of experience in facilitating low vision and vision rehab training courses for professionals. From 2008 to 2016, he facilitated the Orientation and Mobility Module on the Canterbury Christchurch University Vision Rehab Specialists training course (in association with Kent Assoc. for the Blind). Andy co-facilitated the Skills for Seeing (Eccentric Viewing) course on behalf of the Macular, a program that ran for over 12 years while working with Optima. He has also provided CPD training courses to vision rehab and low vision professionals for over 20 years.

Andy has worked abroad on a number of occasions, including working in the low vision service in KKESH (King Khaled Eye Specialist Hospital) in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. From 2010, he supported the research and development program of the Argus II artificial retina program, working with Moorfields Eye Hospital in London and Manchester Royal Eye Hospital. This included working extensively with vision rehab/low vision professionals in Europe and America. As a consultant, Andy has acted on a number of legal cases as an expert witness, providing specialist input and legal rehab therapy interventions supporting clients involved in legal claims.

Since September 2021, Andy has worked for a Sensory Services Team in Social Services as a Vision Rehab Specialist, working in partnership with the Welsh Low Vision Service.

We are pleased to welcome Andy to Optima Low Vision. His reputation and experience in low vision services will be a valuable asset to the team.

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