Course duration & style:
1 day classroom & practical

Course aim:
To provide a general understanding of why people have difficulties in using LVAs, to identify the potential benefits and restrictions of the current range of LVAs and to introduce a basic set of techniques and strategies designed to help people with a visual impairment make the most of their LVAs and vision.


Course objectives:
At the end of this course participants will be able to:

  • Identify and explain the various reasons why people have difficulty in using a low vision aid
  • Demonstrate methods for improving the use of an LVA
  • Compare and describe the ranges and types of LVAs available
  • Explain and demonstrate advantages and disadvantages of the various types of LVAs
  • Describe the importance of effective lighting for people with low vision
  • Demonstrate how lighting is measured, identifying the levels of illumination required and the types and positioning of light sources for people with a visual impairment
  • List and explain the various reasons for using UV and blue blocking filters
  • Identify the various elements of a low vision assessment and describe the benefits of having a low vision assessment
  • State and explain general information and advice to people with a visual impairment regarding the use of LVAs


Course information:
This one-day course is aimed at staff and volunteers who do not possess a specialist or professional qualification in visual impairment but who come into contact with people with low vision on a daily basis. This one-day course is ideal for volunteers, residential care staff, home care staff, resource centre workers, home visitors, staff and volunteers of local societies for the visually impaired and any interested individual who may come into contact with people with a visual impairment. The content of the course will offer and equip staff with options and strategies to support people with low vision, and enable them to understand the reasons why this input is appropriate.   

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