The main advantage of this type of low vision aid is that it allows the user to have both hands free.  The major disadvantage is that it has a short working distance - the wearer has to bring the object quite close to the face in order to get it in focus.  If one can manage with magnification of 4.5x or less then the Half Eye Prismatic Spectacles which allow the wearer to use both eyes, would be suitable.  They are available in magnifications from 2x to 4.5x.


For those who require higher levels of magnification, the Hyperoculars or Superoculars (single magnifying lenses fitted into spectacle frames) are available in magnifications from 3x to 12x.  Hyperoculars and Superoculars allow the wearer to use only one eye and a lens of 12x will mean that the page will need to be held almost against the nose in order to get it in focus.

Please note
These products are not available to purchase via our website but can be purchased by calling us on 01803 864218