Hand Held Magnifiers
Most spectacle wearers get best results from a hand held magnifier when using their distance spectacles rather than their reading spectacles. Place the magnifier flat on the page to be read and then raise the magnifier slowly away from the page until you get the clearest image. Remember that the more powerful the magnifier the closer you will have to hold it to your eye and the closer the print will be to the magnifier. It is often helpful to put the reading material onto a clipboard or other firm surface to keep the print in focus. This is especially true when reading letters, newsprint etc.

If the image appears upside down, the magnifier and print are too far away from your eye so you will need to draw them both closer to your eye.

Stand Magnifiers
Most people prefer to use their reading spectacles with a stand magnifier.  It is essential that the reading material is on a firm and flat service such as a clipboard, a table or adjustable reading stand.

The more powerful the magnifier the closer its working distance. If you are too far away from the lens the print may appear to be up-side-down or you will only see one or two letters at a time. Always remember the closer you get the more you will see.

Spectacle Mounted Magnifiers
Spectacle magnifiers have a much shorter working distance than normal spectacles.  You will need to hold the print much closer to your eyes. When using high-powered spectacle magnifiers you will need to hold the print very, extremely close - it may even touch your nose!

To find the correct working distance of a spectacle magnifier put the magnifier on - everything will be blurred! Gently bring the print closer to your eyes until the print comes into focus. Once in focus you may find it easier to move the print from right to left in front of your eye rather than move your head. Moving your head may result in losing the focus.

Flat Field and Bar Magnifiers
These are very simple magnifiers to use.  Simply place them on to the reading material and move them along as required.

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