This type of low vision aid uses a video-type camera, which is directed at the text or object to be seen and the magnified image is produced on a screen. The main advantage of this type of magnifier is that the working distance is not governed by the power of an optical lens. The distance at which you view is personal choice rather than being dictated by the lens. 

There are two basic designs:

Desktop Video Magnifiers have a camera and dedicated monitor.  They have an adjustable level of magnification from 0.9x to 100x. They are in full colour with autofocus and may have features such as background / foreground colour change and line guides.  They all incorporate an X-Y Platform underneath the camera so that the user can move the reading material smoothly. Some models can be folded for transportation or storage and can be operated when away from home by using an optional battery pack.

Mezzo Vario HD 19

Portable Video Magnifiers are significantly less expensive and more portable. They are battery operated, have their own integral screen varying in size from 4.3" to 10" sometimes being a touch screen. They also have variable magnification up to 28x and background colour adjustment. Some will enable you to view in the distance.

Clover HandleSnow 10 Pro

The Snow 7HD Plus and the Snow 10 Pro also have text to speech functions which can read printed text aloud to you. Most models of portable video magnifiers incorporate a writing stand to enable you to get a pan underneath the camera. An optional handle is available for the smaller models if the user prefers to hold the magnifier away from the page.

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