Eyes run on light! A good level of well-positioned lighting is one of the most important aids to seeing well. One of the most useful aids to improving visual performance is a properly positioned task lamp.

Standard White PL Task Lamp,

It has been found that one of the most effective task lamps for people with a visual impairment is a fluorescent or "daylight" light source fitted into an adjustable table top or floorstanding lamp. 

This type of task lamp should not be used as a conventional reading lamp (directed from behind and positioned to shine over the shoulder and onto the task) but positioned quite close to the page or task to be viewed.

If one is using a magnifier and a task lamp at the same time it is essential that the light  falls directly onto the page or task and NOT onto the magnifier, otherwise it may cause disturbing reflections of the light in the magnifier lens and shadows on the page.

We have a range of tabletop, clamp, floor standing and portable lamps for sale in our lighting department.